It is a system service to record health data using the telephone line to suit the communication environment of the developing countries. The advantage of this system is that it can customize recording items such as necessary vaccination types and messages from the medical personnel adapting to the local situations.

By digitalizing MCH Handbook, we aims to improve maternal and child health in developing countries by:

- backing up pregnancy record
- announcing and recording vaccination schedule *
*it will also announce the vaccination schedule to mothers
- delivering useful information for mothers about the appropriate dates of examination of children.

We will develop to a system service that is useful not only in daily life but also in time of disaster. The examples are as below:

  • an evacuation advice can be issued by SMS
  • it can inform mothers about relief supplies
  • it will collect health conditions of mothers and children after a disaster
  • health record can be shared smoothly without the presence of the home doctor but with the digitalized MCH handbook
  • health care centers and community health centers of the region can define the area with high-risk pregnant women and parturient mothers. It can also gather information including the number of infants in the area.

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